Extension to 1990’s House, Northlands, Southampton

Our client had purchased this modern house new from the developer and lived there for nearly 20 years before we were approached to extend and update it. After initial negotiations to allow construction adjacent to a protected tree we were able to secure consent for a rear and side extension to this modest three bedroom house on a small development near Northlands Road.

Our client wanted a modern open plan home for her and her young daughter. A place for day to day enjoyment which would be great for entertaining from one to twenty people. We extensively remodelled the ground floor, removing much of the internal dividing walls and linking the living and kitchen spaces while keeping utilities and toilet facilities tucked out of the way. The rear extension was 50% glass, opening on to a private courtyard garden. The side extension retains the design theme of the existing development as this was the most sympathetic solution. Two additional bedrooms and space for the enlarged kitchen and utility room are provided as a result. The existing bathrooms were refitted, heating, hot water and electrics updated. The house is transformed to a light a airy living environment, sympathetic to, but distinct from the other houses on the development.

Contract value £140 000. Fixed Price Building Contract.