Grade 2 listed house, Alresford, Hampshire

The house had been extended in the 1980’s by a developer and the design was unsatisfactory. Initially my client approached me to design alterations to this extension and an improved link to the main Listed House, previously through a conservatory. Having looked at various options we ultimately decided to replace the previous extensions.

Historically it is not unusual to have cart sheds or barns close to country houses. We used this model to justify changing the orientation of the extension, then created a link back to the house. A major concern for our client was how to integrate the activities of the extension to that of the main historic house. By positioning the kitchen at the junction, this became the heart of the activities and pivot point between old and new. Aesthetically, we wanted to respect the traditional building forms and materials but have the opportunity to create larger, lighter spaces. The use of a modern, green oak frame was the perfect solution.

The result has been a great success. We have subsequently completed further projects at the property including external landscaping and construction of a garage/studio building.

Contract value £480 000 excl VAT. Cost plus Building Contract.