Areas of Work

New Build Residential

We undertake new build residential projects for commercial developers, private individuals and self builders either as replacement dwellings or infill developments. All our designs are bespoke, drawing on specific site influences and client requirements to produce high quality desirable buildings.


Refurbishment and Conversion

All of our new extension projects include an element of refurbishment whether it is a new boiler, replacement windows or sorting out minor building issues such as cracked or missing roof tiles. When engaged to work on a building we will look at it in it’s entirety and advise on the best and most cost effective way to update it if needs be. A typical Conversion project would be adapting an existing farm building to accommodation and repairing and consolidating the existing fabric as part of that project.


Listed Buildings

We have a good level of success working with clients who wish to alter and extend listed buildings. A period property is often desirable but in many instances time has moved on and the house just doesn’t function as a modern home. We have the necessary experience to be able to advise current and potential owners what may be possible and steer these objectives through the planning system. Our philosophy with listed and period properties is to conserve the historic fabric while adapting and updating the property to suit modern lifestyles, much as they will have developed throughout their history to date.


Residential Extensions and Alterations

This sector forms a large proportion of our workload. As moving up the housing ladder is so expensive it can be more economic, not to mention fun, to alter the property you live in. Altering your own home, and largest asset, can be daunting. Many of our clients have never undertaken a building project of any kind before but need extra space and take the plunge. Other clients work outside the area and realise that managing a project would be impossible without help. In any case we work closely with clients to understand how they live, what they need and what they might want now and in the future. We discuss these options at length, work out designs and specifications, identify budgets, discuss and advise on the procurement process, and manage the build itself using local reliable contractors, all to deliver a high quality solution that will make living with the builders dust for 6 months worth the effort!


Commercial Projects

This is a small sector for us but we will usually have one non-residential commercial project in our current portfolio at any time. These include options for health and leisure industry projects, restaurants, bars, retail and small office developments and refurbishments.


We can offer advice on any aspect of living with a building, or point you in the right direction. This could include party wall issues, building maintenance, building defects, suitability of a potential building purchase, development options. We will talk to you about any aspect of building ownership and if we can’t help will usually be able to suggest someone who can.